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There are some recommendations on the Web to indicate the benefits and drawbacks of each location and provide a personal preference. The small road in Meadowside village had been converted into a main road and was also extended to the east to connect with Fonton. app essay editing musically There is no fixed rule. What score will you give on this? Like us on Facebook.

October 12, at 7: Do they consider grammatical errors like using upper or lower case, punctuation marks? Sample 13 - You travelled by plane last week and your suitcase was lost. So, for students aiming for about band 7 or 8, aim for between and — depending on the task given. research paper buy on format pdf It depends if it is a planned redevelopment or not.

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Thanx miss liz your tips are very helful for us.. Overall, there is a huge change in the said villages in terms of area, railroad and infrastructure. Pay for writing task 1 ielts mentor The maps illustrate how Meadowside village and Fonton, which is a neighbouring town, have developed over three distinctive time periods , and the present. What if the map doesnt have any time frame.

You might organise it by one year in one body paragraph and the other year in the other BP. September 3, at 4: September 26, at 5: Hi Liz, when do I use past progressive and when past perfect when describing maps? The road has been converted or was converted or had been converted?

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The map illustrates how the Meadowside village and Fonton have developed fron till date. Please help me learn more about reading techniques. essay about service yoga in hindi But,till now, i dont get any information.

You said in video session about in this task , format of writing is Introduction, Overview , Description. January 13, at I want to ask question in writing section, Task It depends on the chart given to you.

You can do a lot in one week so keep focused and keep practicing in the right way. At the end, I would like to express big respect for your professionalism. term paper for sale etsy You can see recent lessons in the right hand column of this website. Nasib Al Habib says:

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December 28, at 2: But I am looking for the video for describing flow chart in writing task 1. Hey Liz, I had my exam a few days back. Pay for writing task 1 ielts mentor Is there another word suitable for starting the overview?

Sample 6 - You are employed full-time and also doing a part-time evening course. September 23, at I run out of the time for writing but I could write intro, 2 paragraphs with explanation and examples and conclusion which contained 3 sentences. Pay for writing task 1 ielts mentor I took my exam 21 of December, unfortunately, I found your website one day before my exam. November 30, at 2:

Yes, it is quite comment to present some data in brackets. December 16, at 5: March 9, at 4: April 8, at Model Answer January 28, by Liz Comments.

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